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    Oslo’s Fjord City Plan

    The strategy for Oslo’s 225 hectares (about 556 acres) Fjord City master plan divides the waterfront into 13 development areas along the fjord with six major development sites. The main goal is to improve the connection between Oslo’s waterfront and the city center. The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet in Bjørvika opened in April 2008 as one of the first building projects completed. The plans for rerouted motorways and a new motorway tunnel.

    Fjord City Development Sites

    The Bjørvika area of Fjord City is the transportation hub for Oslo and contains the Barcode Project, a series of open spaces named The Commons, and construction of an underground motorway tunnel. The Tjuvholmen area will consist of a public park (under 3 acres), a boardwalk along the existing quay, 900 dwelling units, a hotel, The Astrup Fearnley Museum by Renzo Piano, a media center, offices and retail. The Vestbanen area has a historic railway station now converted into the Nobel Peace Center designed by David Adjaye and David Small . The Alna area will provide a waterfront recreational park, a harbor promenade, and it will act as a buffer to the more industrial activities in the southern portion of Oslo’s harbor.

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