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    Your Avatar + you walk into a theme park…

    Recent FastCompany article (May Issue) featuring the new 4-D augmented reality theme park in Islan, South Korea. Created with the digital marketing firm D’strict. Every visitor at Live Park has an avatar as they go from attraction to attraction while their RFID bracelets track activity. Special “kinect” cameras are used to allow visitors interact with the environment. There are plans to bring Live Park stateside.

    Lighting changes based on the volume of a visitor’s voice as they play games using their bracelets to keep score and receive prizes. There is 500ft “live square” which calls itself the world’s largest interactive projection, a touch screen gallery used to create art and then share through the Internet, and a hologram theater  all to interact with visitors.
    — 2 years ago
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    Overview of the interactive experience at “Live Park”

    — 2 years ago
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